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    Verification Letter 4464c confirms that you filed your taxes, but – and here’s the cringe – it also says the IRS is holding up any refund to make a thorough review of some type of information on your tax return.

    “Typically, the IRS checks with a third party, such as the employer, to verify information on the return,” writes TaxPro Weekly, a newsletter for the accounting profession.

    The letter does not announce an audit. However, it is telling you not to expect any refund to arrive for another 60 days. What should you do? Typically, taxpayers should do nothing but wait for the entire 60 days. If a refund hasn’t arrived by then, the taxpayer can call an IRS phone number to check on it.

    With millions of income tax returns flooding into its computers, the Internal Revenue Service is trying to filter out bogus returns before taxpayers get bilked. Letter 4464c comes from the Integrity & Verifications Operations Office, which is charged with preventing fraudulent refunds.

    Use the thread below to discuss IRS 4464C’s. Connect with others that have received a 4464C and keep us updated on what you find out!

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    Veronika Greenwell

    Here is a some more info on the 4464C Letter:

    If your return is pulled for review, you will most likely receive a letter from the IRS called a 4464c. If you get a letter from IRS, don’t panic and don’t ignore it: open your mail and read it.

    There are a few variations on a theme but most letters 4464c likely start out something like this:

    We have received your income tax return and are holding your refund until we complete a thorough review of your return. This review is part of an ongoing program the IRS conducts to ensure the accuracy of return information.

    The letter should then indicate what the IRS may be concerned about. So the letter might say something like:

    Your return was selected because we are reviewing one or more of the following:
    – Income you reported on your return
    – Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return
    – Claims for tax credits you made on your return
    – Business income you reported on your return

    You’ll then be instructed on what immediate steps to take, if any. It may well be that the letter simply says:

    You are not required to do anything at this time. If you have not received your refund or been contacted by us within 60 days from the date of this letter, you may call us at the number provided above.

    Hold onto that letter because you’re going to want to call the number on the letter within the stated time frame if your refund is still outstanding. You should not just rely on the “Where’s My Refund?” tool.

    This is not the same as a proper examination or audit, it’s a review. If it escalates to an examination, you’ll be contacted by IRS to say what’s next – that usually involves providing additional documentation. It may be that you need to call in a tax professional to assist you at that point.

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If You Found The Information Here Was Useful Please Consider Sharing This Page!