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    IRS Notice Letter 4883C General Letters

    IRS uses Letter 4883C when they have received your return but they need more information to process it. The problem is they don’t often tell you what they want, so you’ll have to call them to ask what they seek. Then you’ll have to get the information requested and send it to the address provided on the Letter 4883C.

    The IRS could still audit you as a result of your response.

    Be extremely careful in how you respond.  The information supplied can either make matters better or extremely worse.  You are supplying information that will be review by a Compliance Officer.  That person’s job is to verify that the information supplied resolves the outstanding issues listed on the Letter 4883C.  The Compliance Officer can easily make an audit referral if he or she believes the information creates more concerns than it explains.

    What is my first step?

    If you received a letter or notice, a decision has to be made.  Do you feel confident to handle this situation on your own?  If it is a simple issue and you already know the answer, call or write them. If the issue is more complicated, you need to hire a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. The IRS or State will take full advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience.

    What is Your Next Step?

    The next step is to determine if the notice was sent in error.  Do you have an outstanding tax liability?  Do you have unfiled or incomplete returns?

    Is There a Time Limit?

    Yes, each letter or notice from the IRS or State will indicate a date that you MUST contact them by.  If you need more time, call the number on the notice or letter and request an extension.  DO NOT ALLOW the time to expire without contacting them or hiring a representative to contact them for you.

    What You Don’t Want to Do!

    What you don’t want to do is nothing.  Your tax problems will only get worse if you ignore them.  If you cannot pay, there are a number of potential solutions available to those who are otherwise in compliance.  In compliance means having all tax returns filed and any balances paid or on a payment plan.  If you have outstanding debts or unfiled returns, you need to get or hire a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

    If you received a 4883C Letter share your updates and what you found out here! Connect with other that have received this letter.


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If You Found The Information Here Was Useful Please Consider Sharing This Page!