• Molly Smith posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Here is a common question I have heard come up from time to time and it seems writers really have different opinions on it. Some love them although I am not sure they have much actual success with them where others tout them as a place to spam links to their articles without bothering people in their regular feeds. I have seen some essay writing help masters who automate them or copy the same thing from their personal wall to their fan page wall. Personally, I don’t think any of these methods are very helpful.

    Some people say that there are better ways for a writer to market their services. I actually agree. Some believe that a Facebook fan page is a waste of time and I used to feel the same way. However, I now believe that there are some situations where it might be a good thing. It depends on the writer and it also depends on how you use your fan page and what your purpose with it is.

    I swore off ever creating a fan page for my writing but changed my mind when my husband wanted to do a test page for me when he starting offering the service through his graphic design business. When he was done, the page looked pretty good so I decided to share it with friends and add it to my email signature. From there, it continued to grow to over 200 fans (still small by most popular Facebook margins).

    In the short time I have had my fan page up, I have gotten several clients from it. I decided to try it after landing loads of new clients via Twitter. My fanpage has graphics that link to my websites, my writing samples and other profiles to showcase what I can do. I also offer social media marketing as a service and I got another order just today via my fanpage.

    Also, I don’t promote my personal page such as in my email signature links or on my website but I can promote the fan page there without security issues arising. This tab on my fanpage is most effective in bringing in work. It’s 100% interactive with my websites. You might have to “like” the fanpage first to see it.

    As for Facebook fanpage for writers, I find it very worthwhile when done correctly. I think there needs to be a specific purpose in it and if you are just looking to pimp your links for page views, then you’re probably not going to fare well. It works for me because I offer social media marketing as a service and a great number of the people who fan my page are actually small businesses who might need my services.

    You are the only person who can say for certain if you need a fanpage but before you go building one and pimping out your links, determine what the purpose for it would be and how it will help you land clients and make money. If it isn’t working for you, then you don’t need it.