Tax Refund FAQ’s

Welcome to the Where’s my Refund? Question and Answer Forum, in which you may ask specific questions, or suggest answers to questions posted by others, about particular points related to Taxes. This includes tax preparation, filing, processing, tax refunds and more! If you have a question, first check out Trending Questions — you may get a quick, accurate answer.
Questions posted to the Question and Answer Forum may get an immediate answer or no answer, depending upon whether visitors to the site choose to respond, but you generally will not know the background or reliability of the person answering it. We would like to remind you that we are not the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Neither the Refundtalk Networks nor the authorship team assumes responsibility for answers that may be posted on the Questions and Answer Forum, and there is no guarantee that these answers are correct as a matter of IRS Internal Revenue Code.


The Question and Answer Forum is provided to allow an open exchange of views relevant to specific questions related to Taxes. Neither the Refundtalk Network nor the authorship team for Refundtalk necessarily agrees with or endorses any statement posted on it. However, while no responsibility is assumed for anything posted, the Refundtalk Network and the authorship team reserve the right to remove or otherwise edit, in whole or in part, scurrilous, libelous, obscene, or patently offensive messages and any postings deemed by them to be sufficiently irrelevant, erroneous or misleading to warrant such action. They further reserve the right to discontinue or modify this forum at any time in the future, including by deleting older messages.

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