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Confused asked 3 years ago

My 2018 tax refund has been on hold with code 570. After several weeks I went and got a tax advocate was told my issue was because I over reported my income (seeing I was missing a w2 I used my last paystub) I finally got my w2 after I filed and I could see that my wages on my w2 were less than my last paystub since I had health insurance coming out before taxes. I sent my amended return over to my ta and hardhip info and he explained that he submitted it to the irs and wait a week or two and it should be resolved I waited over 2 weeks and checked my transcript again and noticed code 971 (amended return/claim fwded for processing) with 2/26/2019 0.00 and 977 (amended return filed) 2/26/2019 0.00, but no 846 code so now I am so confused unless one of those codes releases my hold. That is what I am trying to find out when I should get my refund and what bearing do those codes have. Any insight or opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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