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    A cycle code is an 8 digit code found on your account transcripts. The cycle code indicates the day your account posted to the IRS Master File. This date indicates the 4 digits of the current cycle year, two digit IRS cycle week, and two digit processing day of the week.


    Cycle Code Breakdown

    Example: 20190604 = (2019 – Cycle Year) (06 – Cycle Week) (04 – Cycle Day) = Wednesday, February 6, 2019

    Here is an example of cycle code 20190604 on the 2019 IRS Posting Cycles

    20190604 = (201906 – Cycle)(04 – Processing Day) = Wednesday, February 6, 2019


    We have simplified the IRS Processing Cycles from above to make them easier to read. All you have to do is find your cycle code on your account transcript and use these charts below to determine the day the IRS began to process your tax return.

    2019 Transcript Cycle Code Chart

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