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    Although the IRS is moving from a weekly processing of individual tax returns to daily processing, not all individual tax returns can be processed daily.  Individual tax returns that require additional actions to ensure the tax return is accurate before it can be processed must continue to be processed on a weekly basis to allow the IRS time to verify and correct the tax return before it posts to the Master File.  The IRS included efforts in its software planning to identify specific tax return transactions and taxpayer accounts that require additional review prior to processing the tax return. The IRS has identified approximately 148 million taxpayer accounts that contained characteristics that would cause a tax return to be processed weekly (called disqualifiers).

    1. Entity:  Entity disqualifiers relate to transactions or characteristics that are in the entity portion of a tax account.  Examples include accounts marked as identity theft, accounts in bankruptcy litigation, and accounts with an IRS processing center zip code.
    2. Tax Module Freeze:  Tax Module Freeze disqualifiers relate to conditions present on the individual tax periods within a tax account.  Examples include tax periods with a claim pending, with an offer-in-compromise, or marked uncollectible.
    3. Tax Module Transactions:  Tax Module Transaction disqualifiers relate to codes or transactions present on the individual tax periods within a tax account.  Examples include tax periods with certain penalty transactions or underreported issues.
    4. Incoming Transactions:  Incoming transaction disqualifiers relate to conditions posting to tax periods during the 2015 Filing Season.  Examples include changes to the tax account or adjustments made to the tax return as a result of actions taken at the time the tax return is processed.

    Use this thread to keep each other updated on daily and weekly account status.

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