The Internal Revenue Service is planning June 18 as the tentative date for moving its e-Services platform to what it promises will be more secure and modern technology.

In recent years, the IRS has experienced security breaches from identity thieves targeting several of its online self-service applications, including the Get Transcript app, the Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN), the e-file PIN, and this past tax season the data retrieval tool for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

In an email to tax professionals Tuesday, the IRS said it is currently working to improve e-Services applications and security.


“This summer—the tentative date is June 18—the e-Services’ platform will move to a more modern technology,” said the IRS. “One result will be an improved look and feel of applications, including the e-File application. Use of e-Service products will not be affected. There are no changes to the log-on process.”

The IRS warned that some state tax authorities might experience some minor functionality issues from June through October, however. “State users will be unable to submit new or update existing state e-file coordinator applications or file new or update existing TDS [Transcript Delivery System] applications during this time,” said the IRS. “Generally, this time of year is a low activity period with few e-file coordinator or TDS application changes being made by the states. However, states should plan accordingly and make any changes prior to mid-June.”

In addition, the IRS plans to improve the security on its e-Services apps by adding Secure Access, a two-factor identity authentication process, along with further advances, as long as it has enough funds. “We recognize the need to strengthen the authentication process for e-Services,” said the IRS. “We are exploring what possible options, within our resources, are available to address feedback we heard last year. We will share information as it becomes available.”

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