No, you should NOT file your tax return using your last paycheck stub. It is against the law and it can and will cause major delays in receiving your tax refund.

Your last paycheck stub is not guaranteed to be an accurate statement of your annual earnings, and it could be missing some of the information that you need to file an accurate tax return. If you file a return that has inaccurate or missing information, you could be required to file an amended return. That could cost you more in tax preparation fees and could increase the amount of time it takes for the IRS to issue a refund.


One of the biggest causes of errors and delays is impatience. Waiting a few extra days or even a week to make sure you have all the forms needed to file a complete tax return could save you long delays with the IRS.

You can use your last paystub after Feb 15th if you can not get a copy of your W-2

Only, if you have tried every option to track down your w-2 and you can not obtaining your W-2 form, you may be able to file your taxes using your final pay stub from the applicable tax year. Since your December paycheck has cumulative income and withholding figures. If you have to file a return with your paycheck stub you will need to attach and complete Form 4852. However, you’ll need to obtain your employer’s unique Employer Identification Number. Since this isn’t typically printed on your pay stubs, you’ll need to request it directly from your employer or conduct an online search to find it. If you provide the IRS with an incomplete or incorrect Employer Identification Number, your return’s processing period may be lengthened and your chances of being audited may increase.

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