The Transaction Code TC 570 Additional Account Action Pending is a Freeze Code the IRS uses that will hold/stop a refund from being issued until the impact of the action being taken on the account and the refund is determined and processed.

We understand this can be stressful, but there are reasons for such and they include some of the following: an employer has not reported wages to the IRS yet, IRS debt, ID verify, Missing Income Statements, Wage Verification issues, etc.

After checking your Account Transcripts you may find that you have a TC 570 Code showing under the Explanation of Transactions section. If you have a TC 570 code on your Account Transcript, the TC 570 is a freeze code placed on the account that holds the refund from being issued.
This is done because the return is being pulled for a review, wage verification, or for many other reasons that they need to freeze the refund from being issued.

Some of the reasons that you could see a TC 570 on transcripts

  • Missing Income Statements (W-2’s, 1099’s etc.)
  • Wage Verification (Wages Do Not match what the IRS has on file for you)
  • Integrity and Verification Operations (ensure the accuracy of information filed on your return)
  • Employer has not reported your wages to the IRS yet
  • IRS debt
  • ID verify
  • Missing 1095 forms from the marketplace
  • Injured Spouse
  • and more!

The TC 570 code means the IRS has put a freeze or hold on your account. Once the TC 570 posts to your account transcript you will most likely end up seeing the TC 971 code Notice Issued in the explanations of transactions column of your account transcript. The TC 971 means the IRS will be sending you a notice or letter requesting additional information, or a notice of adjustments made to your account, or a notice saying that your tax return is under further review for 45-60 days and no other information is needed from the taxpayer.

Remember to check your Account Transcript a couple of times a week.

A TC 971 code should show up indicating a notice was issued.


The IRS Code 570 indicates that the IRS has placed a hold or freeze on your account. When the tax code is posted to your account transcript, the IRS 971 code Notice Issued will most likely appear in the account transcript’s explanations of transactions column.

The IRS 971 code indicates that the IRS will send you a notice or letter requesting additional information, notification of account modifications, or a notice stating that your tax return is being reviewed for 45-60 days and that no additional information is required from the taxpayer.

If they are reviewing your return they are required to send you a notice letting you know that they are reviewing it and that it will delay your return X # of days, (usually 45 or 60 days) and that they will contact you when it is completed.

If they need any additional information from you they will tell you in the notice what you need to send them.

If you have a TC 570 code on your Account Transcript there is not much you can do but to have patients and wait for the IRS to review or resolve your return. Once the TC 570 hold/freeze is resolved a TC 571 or TC 572 Resolved Additional Account Action code will post to your Account Transcript before your tax refund can be released.

TC 846 Refund Issued after TC 571 Resolved the TC 570 Code

The codes on a taxpayer’s transcript will illustrate the sequence of events that followed the receipt and processing of the return.

Remember: If you are facing Hardship The Taxpayer Advocate Service may be able to assist some people but there are thousands in review needing assistance and unfortunately, the reviews are required and a taxpayer advocate can not prevent the review from being done on the return.
If you can show a true existing hardship they will try to have the review expedited but they will have to make that determination based on priority showing a true hardship, (example: someone truly being evicted has a notice or notice that utility is being turned off with termination date, or can’t buy life-saving medication required for illness, (like insulin for diabetes as an example), etc…due to the number of people requesting taxpayer advocate assistance.

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