Where’s My Refund “being processed” refund status

If you are seeing this refund status “being processed” refund status. Your return is 1-2 cycle weeks from being complete and if you check your transcripts you are just waiting for your 846 Refund Issued code to post to your Account Transcripts. This message means the IRS has processed your return and you are just waiting for your direct deposit date to post to your account.

Where’s My Refund “still being processed” refund status

If you are seeing this refund status “still being processed” it means the IRS can no longer guarantee your refund within the 21 day time frame. In some cases the IRS will correct the issue without further information being needed and you will update off this message to the “being processed refund status. If the IRS can not correct the issue and they need further information you will receive a letter by US Mail explaining what is going on with your tax return. If you see this message for 21 days or 3 cycle weeks and have not seen no letter or updates to your refund status you may need to contact the IRS.

There are two different being processed messages. One is “still being processed” and the other is “being processed” and they both have different meanings. If you have the “Being Processed” message The “being processed” message is a good sign. If you are seeing this message most likely your tax return is done and your return was just resequenced to the next update. Taxpayers seeing this message should see an 846 refund issued code posting to your account transcript soon. We recommend you check the next major update being Wednesday for daily’s and Saturday for weekly Accounts. If you have the “Still being processed” message If you have this message don’t panic when you see this message. This is a generic message that simply means that the IRS cannot guarantee you a tax refund within the original 21-day time frame. The computer system felt something on your return most likely needed a second look.

What should you do?

  • Most people that are stuck on this message could see it for 1- 2 cycle weeks maybe even longer. And most will receive an update to a Direct Deposit Date without needing any further information. But for others stuck with this message, there is a really good possibility that you may need to provide more info or verify yourself with the IRS. If you are seeing this message the best advice we can give is get Informed Delivery® by USPS® or keep an eye on your mail because you may need to provide the IRS with additional information. If you are seeing this message for more than 21 days and you have not seen any updates to your account and you have not received any letters in the mail we recommend you call the IRS for further information.

Remember: If you are stuck on the still being processed message we recommend you try to view your account transcripts online. By viewing your transcripts you will know the codes that are showing up on your account and you will also be able to see if you have any notices issued by the IRS.

Why does my refund amount disappear?

  • If your refund amount disappears there is a good chance your refund amount may be different then the amount you originally filed. Your refund amount may change if the IRS has made adjustments to your account or you have past due obligations or debt. If you don’t owe anything then don’t worry, your refund amount will show back up once it is approved.

Why do I see Tax Topic 152 message?

You Want to see Tax Topic 152 this message is general information pertaining to your tax refund. Tax topic 152 outlines the standard procedures the IRS follows for distributing tax refunds. Your tax topic will change if there is an issue affecting your return.

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